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Commissioning Church Art 

The process is easy and location is no obstacle

Commissioning religious art for your church or private collection has never been easier and location is no obstacle.  That is the beauty of the internet - it affords you the opportunity to do business worldwide and brings like-minded individuals and their special needs together. Commissioning or buying artwork has never been easier or more accessible!


Armusik paintings are vastly different than the work of his contemporaries. His recognizable dramatic style and unique ability to impregnate passion and emotion in his work have quickly put him in demand for the discerning collector worldwide. What separates Armusik from his peers, is his unique ability to paint an emotional and passionate moment thus encapsulating a spiritual and powerful narrative that stirs the viewer and demands reflection. If you desire a painting that has the same standards, emotion, and elegance of an Old Master's church art, then you've found the right artist.

Each private collector or church project is treated with empathy and professionalism. It is because of his understanding and respect for his clients and their circumstances, that Eric has gained a loyal and enthusiastic clientele.


What is the process? Six Easy Steps.

1. Email Eric to discuss your needs and provide him with your contact information.
2. Eric will set up a free consultation via telephone or skype to gather information such as the subject, the size, location, deadline and will create sketches for your review. If the project is for a church or public place he is able to provide you with a virtual photograph of what his work will look like in your space.
3. Sketches and a proposal will be sent to you for approval
4. Once the sketches are approved the project will start following a signed contract and a deposit as per the terms of the contract (contracts can be signed, scanned and mailed and payments can be made via bank wire transfer or all major credit cards)
5. Once the painting is complete you have the option to custom frame your painting. This can also be mocked up for you virtually so you can see the finished product before you decide.
6. The painting and/or frame can be shipped or hand-delivered for installation - additional charges apply and will be clearly noted in the initial contract.


Method of Payment for Portrait Work

You may pay for the artwork:

• Bank wire transfer (worldwide)

• Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX via an invoice 

• Venmo

• CashApp

• Paypal

• Check 

Terms of each contract are generally 50% + materials up front and 50% upon delivery, though each contract and client relationship with Eric is unique. No work will be shipped until final payments for the work are made.

Any questions? Don't be afraid to ask - Email Eric

Church art - commissioned art work

Father Valencheck and I in my home with his purchase of St. Sebastian

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