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Tabernacle Frame Building 

Tabernacle frame building is a special service I provide for churches and private clients alike. With 34 years of woodworking experience and press from the likes of Victorian Homes and Old House Journal featuring my skills as a master carpenter, my abilities have been praised worldwide.

What I can provide to you as an artist is a unique vision and one that is special. Not only can you purchase master level artwork for your collection but you can dress it in a frame that is perfectly homogeneous to the painting. Better still, instead of a prefabricated frame from your local frame store that is marked up 2000%, you will be purchasing a custom, hand-crafted, wooden tabernacle frame masterpiece that will be signed by the hand of the artist, adding to the value and the unique presence of your artwork.

How to Get Started:

Send an email to with a picture of the painting you are looking to frame. I will ask you to provide some idea as to the look you are hoping to achieve and from there I can provide multiple computer mock-ups of your art with the framing. Upon acceptance, a 50% deposit is required and the remaining 50% is due upon delivery.


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